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TruBreak Platform

Our TruBreak Platform & Customized Software provides the ultimate putting and putter fitting surface. Our design uses the world’s best surface management technology to allow instructors and players to control the environment they’re practicing on.

The platform actuates 4 degrees front to back and 4 degrees side to side to allow for USGA & R&A maximum allowable slope for a cup.

It also integrates with our customizable software as the user interface.


12’x 4 ‘| 12’x 5.5’ | 14’x 5.5’ |19’x 8’

Network Integration

Network integration enables the end user to customize their experience with any technology. It allows for complete control over a room for all of the golf technology, lighting, and all the devices that add to the value of a studio. It is the ultimate golf remote control.

Exotic Product Integrations:

Garage Bay doors, automated window blinds, automated display screens, projector controls, Apple TV, Roku, Satellite TV, Cable, Amazon Prime, Sonos Streamers, BlueRay Players, gaming consols, security system controls, CC TV, and roughly any golf technology software.


12’x 4 ‘| 12’x 5.5’ | 14’x 5.5’

19’x 8’ | 24’x 5.5’ | 24’x 8’


Static Level Platform

Our Static level platform provides putting and putter fitting surface. Our design uses best in class components that allow it to be unaffected by environmental changes. The platform is being used around the world for putter fittings and analysis, instruction, and training. True Spec Golf is the industry leader in brand agnostic clubfitting.


12’x 4 ‘| 12’x 5.5’ | 14’x 5.5’

19’x 8’ | 24’x 5.5’ | 24’x 8’

Full Swing Platform

Our full swing platform provides instructors, players, courses and ranges true practice opportunities for the other 97% of golf swings.

Only 3% of conditions on a golf course are flat. Our platform uses all technology to adjust lie angles. The surface accommodates right and left handed players. There are roughly 6 different surface options depending on what part of the world you are in.


5.5’ x 8’


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